Texas Professional LLC (PLLC) Formation

When is a Texas PLLC required?

A business entity that is formed for the purpose of providing a "professional service" (i.e., a service that requires a Texas license) may need to be a professional entity like a professional corporation (PC) or professional LLC (PLLC).

What is a Texas PLLC?

A Texas "professional limited liability company" or PLLC is a type of Texas limited liability company that is created for the purpose of providing a professional service. A "professional service" is any type of service that requires a Texas license.

Classic examples of "professional service" providers would be architects, attorneys, CPAs, dentists, physicians, and veterinarians.

What kinds of businesses are required to create a professional LLC/entity?

Any profession that requires a license to perform a service may need professional entity like a PLLC. The Texas Secretary of State has created a very useful chart that describes the permissible entity types for various professions.

What rules govern Texas PLLCs?

Chapter 301 of the Texas Business Organizations Code sets out the rules related to PLLCs and other professional entities.

Can I convert my Texas LLC to a Texas PLLC?

Yes, paperwork can be filed with the Texas Secretary of State to convert a Texas LLC to a PLLC.  You'll likely need to amend your company agreement as well.  Shoot us an email if you think you may need to convert an LLC to a PLLC.

What are the benefits of using a PLLC?

There are no legal benefits to using a PLLC rather than an LLC. The PLLC is often only used when required. If a PLLC is used it MUST be owned only by professional individuals or professional entities. For example, a PLLC that provides legal services MUST be owned by licensed attorneys (or another professional entity owned by licensed attorneys).
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IMPORTANT: We do not have a separate order form for PLLCs. If you use the button above to hire us, make sure to include the letters "PLLC" at the end of the desired name so that we know to make your LLC a PLLC.

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  1. I am considering hiring an attorney for converting my llc to a pllc. I also have had several unfortunate issues (CPA didn’t file yearly form; attorney didn’t pass along mail stating my LLC would be forfeited). I’m working with the comptroller to reinstate my llc now. I’d love a consultation.

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  2. Hi,

    I am interested in converting my counseling practice from an LLC to a PLLC. First, I would like someone to advise me on whether this is necessary and if it is, am interested to know how much you would charge to help me convert my business. My business name is Revive Counseling LLC. Thank you!

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      Mark, the general rule is that if the business requires a Texas license it will need to be a professional entity. However, every licensing agency has the ability to override the general rule. The Texas Secretary of State has put together a great permissible entity chart that outlines the options for the various license types. For example, if you are a Licensed (Mental Health or Professional) Counselor, your options are PC, PLLC or PA. If you’d like for me to convert your Texas LLC to a PLLC, you can submit everything I need via the link above.

  3. If I am trying to create a single-member LLC as a registered nurse, am I required to form a PLLC? I would prefer to just form an LLC since it will only be me. Thank you!

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