Texas Professional LLC

When is a Texas PLLC required?

Generally speaking, a business entity that is formed for the purpose of providing a "professional service" (i.e. any type of service that requires a Texas license) must be a professional entity like a professional corporation (PC) or professional LLC (PLLC).

What is a Texas PLLC?

A Texas "professional limited liability company" or PLLC is a Texas limited liability company that is created for the purpose of providing a professional service. A "professional service" is any type of service that requires a Texas license.

Classic examples of "professional service" providers would be architects, attorneys, CPAs, dentists, physicians, and veterinarians.

The Texas Secretary of State has created a useful chart that describes the Permissible Entity Types for Licensed Professions.

What rules govern Texas PLLCs?

Chapter 301 of the Texas Business Organizations Code sets out the rules related to PLLCs and other professional entities.

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