Changing a Texas LLC to a PLLC

How to change a Texas LLC to a PLLC

Licensed professionals must generally use a professional entity, such as a Professional LLC (PLLC), rather than a traditional LLC. If you've created a traditional Texas LLC but now realize a PLLC is necessary, continue reading to learn how to make the switch.

In this article, we will outline the differences between an LLC and a PLLC, the reasons why you would be required to use a PLLC, and how to convert from one to the other.

PLLC vs. LLC: What's the difference?

A Professional LLC (PLLC) is a specific type of LLC required for certain licensed professionals. A PLLC is not typically used unless required by law. In general, a PLLC can only be owned by licensed individuals or another professional entity(ies).

Who must use a PLLC?

Generally, an individual who holds a Texas license (i.e., doctor, lawyer, architect, CPA, etc.) is required to use a PLLC rather than an LLC. Each licensing agency, however, can override this general rule. You can see which licensed professionals must use a professional entity here.

How to change a Texas LLC to an PLLC

To convert a Texas LLC to a PLLC, you must:

  1. authorize the change;
  2. insert the required PLLC language into the LLC's Certificate of Formation;
  3. update the LLC's operating agreement (recommended, but optional); and
  4. give notice to the IRS (if applicable).
Change My LLC to a PLLC

Do I need a new EIN after converting to a PLLC?

You do not need to obtain a new EIN when converting an LLC to a PLLC. The IRS views this conversion as a minor name change, so you simply need to inform them of the updated name.

How much does it cost to convert a Texas LLC to a PLLC?

The cost to convert a Texas LLC to a PLLC is equal to the filing fee of the Certificate of Amendment ($150) plus the service fee if you have someone handle it for you. We charge $350 ($200 + the $150 filing fee) to convert an LLC to a PLLC. This flat fee includes the preparation of the authorizing resolutions, preparation and filing of the Certificate of Amendment, and the preparation of the notice to the IRS.

If you'd like to hire us to convert an existing Texas LLC to a PLLC, you can submit everything we need via this questionnaire. If you’d prefer to discuss first, you can use the following link to schedule a free consultation with me.

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