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  • Required when adjusting ownership (aka membership) percentages
  • Required when adding a new member to the LLC
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Membership Transfer FAQs
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How to transfer an ownership interest in an LLC:

First, the buyer and/or the seller will need to determine if there are any restrictions on the transfer of membership interest. Such restrictions (i.e. rights of first refusal) are often found in LLC's governing document (aka company agreement) or perhaps typed on the actual membership interest certificates. We often dispose of any prerequisites or transfer restrictions via a resolution authorizing the transfer of membership interest.

The buyer and seller enter into a purchase and sale agreement outlining the proposed terms of the deal. This agreement is called a Membership Transfer Agreement and will describe terms like (a) the purchase price; (b) when the proposed transaction is supposed to close/occur; (c) the seller's connection to the LLC going forward; (d) representations and warranties of the buyer and seller; (e) what state's laws will apply to the transaction, etc.

The actual membership transfer is accomplished by the execution and delivery of a Assignment of Membership Interest. Although there are many recommended steps and documents that should happen when someone buys or sells an interest in an LLC, the Assignment may be the most important. The Assignment is similar to a deed in that it is signed and delivered at closing. If the membership interest is represented by a certificate, the seller would endorse and hand over this certificate at closing.

At the closing or shortly thereafter, the buyer may need to sign the company agreement, update the LLC's membership transfer ledger, amend the certificate of formation, and/or provide notice to the IRS (if the tax classification or tax matters partner has changed).

We charge $300 for a simple membership transfer; $550 if a Certificate of Amendment* is required.

*The Certificate of Amendment is used to immediately update the state as to the names of the owners (not the ownership percentages). The alternative to filing a Certificate of Amendment is for you or your CPA to update the state when filing the annual public information report due each year by May 15.

    1. Authorizing Resolution
    2. Membership Transfer Agreement
    3. Assignment of Membership Interest
    4. Updated Membership Exhibit to  Company Agreement
    5. Updated Transfer Ledger
    6. Endorsement of Membership Certificate*
    7. Certificate of Amendment (amending the Certificate of Formation)*
    8. Notice to IRS*

    *these documents are only included if needed.

    Once we receive the required information via our secure questionnaire, it takes us about 1 business day to prepare and deliver the paperwork to you. If a Certificate of Amendment is required, it will take about a week to file with the state.
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