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Texas LLC Formation

Create a traditional Texas LLC today. We offer four price points starting at $400 + state filing fee.
Texas LLC FormationStarting at $400 (+ State Fee)

Series LLC Formation

The Series LLC is perfect for real estate investors. Start one today for $500 + state filing fee.
Texas Series LLC InfoStarting at $500 (+ State Fee)

Convert to Series LLC

Have a traditional LLC, but want to convert to a Series LLC? We can help. Flat fee pricing available.
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S-Corp Election

Did you know you can elect to have your LLC taxed as an S-Corp? For a flat fee ($75), we can prepare the paperwork for you.
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C-Corp Election

LLCs can be taxed like a C-Corp. We can prepare the Entity Classification Election (IRS Form 8832) for $75.
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Foreign LLC Registration

If you have an LLC that was formed in another state and wish to do business in Texas, we can help register in Texas.
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EIN Obtainment

Every LLC that has more than 1 member or needs a bank account will need an EIN. We can help you get this federal tax ID.
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DBA Filing

An Assumed Name Certificate (also known as DBA) is required do business under a name that is different than the LLC.
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LLC Membership Transfer

We can prepare the required paperwork to change the ownership percentages of an LLC.
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LLC Amendments

Amendments are used to update the the Certificate of Formation (i.e. changing the governing structure or the name of the LLC).
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LLC Reinstatement

If your LLC has been terminated, we can file the required paperwork to reinstate it.
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