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Transfer on Death Deed Benefits

If you own real estate in Texas, you'll most likely want to utilize a Transfer on Death Deed. Here are a few the Transfer on Death Deed benefits in Texas:

Retain Ownership & Control

Unlike a trust, you retain full ownership and control of your property for as long as you live. Like a Will, you can decide in advance who should inherit your real estate.

Avoid Probate

A Transfer on Death Deed allows you to avoid a time consuming and expensive probate process.


A TOD Deed is inexpensive to implement AND can save your loved one’s thousands of dollars by not having to probate a Will or administer an estate.


A Transfer on Death Deed can be revoked at any time. Furthermore, if the property is sold the TOD Deed is null and void.

Tax Savings

The beneficiary’s tax basis in the property will be stepped up to the fair market value on the date of your death just like if they had to probate your Will.

Retain Homestead Benefits

Using a Transfer on Death Deed for your homestead is one the most common uses. Since The TOD Deed is not effective until you pass, your homestead benefits are not effected.

How To Hire Us

No office visit required. We utilize online questionnaires to streamline the hiring process.

  1. Select. Navigate to the Transfer on Death Deed questionnaire.
  2. Submit. Submit the info we'll need along with the flat fee ($200).
  3. Receive. We'll send your documents via e-mail.
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Texas Transfer on Death Deed FAQs

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