Cost to form a Texas LLC

How much does it cost to create a Texas LLC?

The cost to create an LLC in Texas is equal to the $300 filing fee assessed by the Texas Secretary of State when the Certificate of Formation is filed (plus a convenience fee of $8.10 if you file online). If you hire an attorney to form your LLC, he or she will charge an additional fee for their services.

Our Service Fee

We charge $400 (plus the state filing fee above) to create a Texas LLC. Our LLC formation service includes (1) attorney consultation; (2) a preliminary name availability search; (3) expedited preparation of the Certificate of Formation; (4) expedited filing of the Certificate of Formation; (5) customized Company Agreement; (6) Organizational Meeting with a banking resolution; (7) the required Membership Transfer Ledger; and (8) EIN obtainment (+$75). You can read more about our Texas LLC formation service.

Annual Filing Fees/Costs to Maintain a Texas LLC

Unlike other states, there are no fees to maintain a Texas LLC. Texas does require every LLC to file an annual report (aka a Franchise Tax Report and Public Information Report) no later than May 15th each year, but these reports are free to file. If your LLC generates more than $1.18MM in revenue in a given calendar year, the state will impose a franchise tax (aka privilege tax).
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