How To Name a Protected Series in Texas

How To Name a Protected Series

Guide to Naming a Protected Series of a Series LLC

The naming requirements for a Series LLC are no different than the naming requirements for a traditional Texas LLC. This article focuses on how to name a protected series of a Texas Series LLC.

See our Texas Series LLC page for more information about Series LLCs.

Series LLC vs a Protected Series

Before getting into naming requirements and strategies for a protected series, it is important to understand the difference between a "Series LLC" and a "protected series."

A "Series LLC" is an LLC that is authorized to create one or more series.  We often see the Series LLC referred to as the parent LLC, master LLC or even mothership.

A "protected series" is essentially a cell or a division within a Series LLC. Each protected series resembles (but is not) a separate LLC as  each protected series (1) can generally do what an LLC can do; and (2) has insulation characteristics much like an LLC (i.e., the protected series can insulate the assets it owns from the liabilities of the LLC and the other protected series). Protected series are sometimes referred to as cells, child LLCs, sub-series or even just series.

How To Name a Protected Series: The Basics

You should use the word "series" or "protected series" when naming an individual protected series. For example:

  • Smith Family Holdings, LLC - Series 1
  • Smith Family Holdings, LLC - Main Street Series
  • Smith Family Holdings, LLC - 2205 Main Street Series
  • Longhorn Management, a Series of Smith Family Holdings, LLC

Naming Logic For a Protected Series

We prefer to use logic or descriptive words when naming an individual protected series. If, for example, you were to create a protected series to acquire real estate located at 123 Main Street, you could name this protected series "Smith Family Holdings, LLC - 123 Main Street Series."

If you are consistent each time you name a protected series, it will be easier to remember in the future.

Is the name of a protected series registered with the State?

Before September 1, 2023, an Assumed Name Certificate (aka DBA) for each protected series was required. After September 1, 2023, Senate Bill 1514 removed the Assumed Name Certificate requirement for each series if the name of the protected series includes the name of the Series LLC.

Can a protected series use an assumed name?

Yes. If the formal name of the protected series is not desirable or you want the protected series to use an assumed name (any name that does not equal the formal name of the protected series), the protected series can file an Assumed Name Certificate (aka "DBA" which is short for "doing business as").

For example, a protected series named "Smith Family Holdings LLC - Series 1" that uses an assumed name like "Ocean View RV Park" would need to file an Assumed Name Certificate (i.e. Smith Family Holdings LLC - Series 1 doing business as Ocean View RV Park).

What form to use when a protected series uses an assumed name?

The official Assumed Name Certificate form (Form 503) is not the correct one to use when a protected series adopts an assumed name.  There is an unpublished form (Form 503 Revised 8/22) that should be used instead.

What name is listed in the deed when a protected series acquires real estate?

When a protected series acquires real estate, the formal name of the protected series must be listed as the Grantee (buyer) in the deed.
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