How To Name a Texas Series LLC

Naming Strategies for a Series

The naming requirements for the parent LLC are no different than a traditional LLC. This article will focus on how to choose a name for an individual series. To read more about the Texas Series LLC including some frequently asked questions, go to our Texas Series LLC page.

Naming Basics

The Business Organizations Code does not provide naming guidance or requirements related to a series of a series LLC, but most attorneys agree that you should use the word "series" when naming an individual series. For example:

  • Smith Family Holdings, LLC - Series 1 
  • Smith Family Holdings, LLC - Main Street Series
  • Smith Family Holdings, LLC - 2205 Main Street Series
  • Longhorn Management, a series of Smith Family Holdings, LLC

Naming Logic For the Series

We prefer to use logic or descriptive words when naming an individual series. If, for example, you were to create a series to acquire real estate located at 123 Main Street, you could name this series "Smith Family Holdings, LLC - Main Street Series." If you are consistent in naming each new series, it will be easier to remember in the future.
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